Edward Lee - Tenor


Alongside Edward's concert and opera projects, Edward was been working with composer David Josiah Moore and writer/director Ben Gwalchmai on two Film Opera projects.





The Manifesto (Filmed in 2011 - post-production)


The Manifesto is a Film Opera Short about the Italian Futurist writers of the early twentieth century. Edward plays the central role of Filipo Tommaso Marinetti, and the libretto is an adaption of Marinetti's Manifesto. It was filmed in the green screen studios at Greenwich University, and is currently in the final stages of post-production, compositing and animation.


























King's Row (Trailer filmed in 2012 - pre-production)


King's Row is a feature length film opera about Cain roaming the earth cursed to live forever with the guilt of killing his brother and bringing shame and suffering to the world. Edward plays the role of Abel, and A Concentration Camp Guard (the voice of Abel) and the Trailer was filmed earlier this year. The feature is currently in the early stages of pre-production.










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